New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology

Originally named Urology Associates of Bergen & Essex, these fine pioneers of robotic prostatectomy were not only pioneers of this surgical procedure, they also wrote the book on the subject and were teaching/training their future competition to perform it as well.

We immediately changed their name to New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer & Urology, a name more fitting of their stature as the state’s leading robotic surgeons. We developed their first-ever advertising campaign utilizing WFAN radio and WABC radio to specifically target men of a certain age. Following a promotional event celebrating their 3000th successful life saving procedure, we utilized patient testimonials to attract similarly situated patients that wanted a less invasive approach with a 100% success rate.

We successfully raised their profile, established them as the leaders that their peers already recognized them as, and increased their patient stream by more than double.

When NJCPCU sought to develop a new revenue stream via treatment for BPH, we developed a campaign themed “Can’t Pee?” with thought provoking teaser billboards and radio spots utilizing personalities Geraldo Rivera and Don Imus.

The phones are still ringing….